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What are adults and kids saying about Archana´s private and group classes?


Anupum Kumar (& Kids!)

Superman stretch, Batman breathing, and dancing to Happy—my kids (4 & 2) 
love this new style of Yoga! They get structured exercise and breathing and don’t even know it!


Archana is a natural with kids! ​


Kavra Misra

Prior to taking my first session, I had very little experience with practicing yoga. Now after taking a few classes with Archana, it’s become an integral part of my morning routine. I have learned a great deal about technique and the practice of yoga itself.
I came to her seeking some help with my anxiety and have definitely seen the results. My days have been more relaxed and the different breathing exercises she taught me have calmed down when I get stressed. I have seen such a positive impact in my day to day. She is incredibly understanding and thoughtful, taking time to get to know you and what you will truly need in your session.
I’m very thankful for the effort she has put into our sessions to make them personalized and educational. I think having a teacher who genuinely cares about you and what you can achieve is what sets her sessions a part from others.
I highly recommend not just yoga, but yoga with Archana!

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Jennifer Carter

Archana was a great addition to our family’s wellness in the midst of a pandemic while I was recuperating from two surgeries. Her kid-focused yoga sessions gave our now 3 and 7 year old girls something they could do with Mommy despite limited mobility. Archana would respond to each child’s request and flow the session to meet their needs and abilities based on age. She explains poses in ways that kids (and adults!) can understand and follow. When the kids would be kids and lose their attention span Archana would shift into relaxation mode for the parents. Sessions for just our family were great but the opportunity to share the kids yoga times with other kids was a great opportunity for our daughters. I absolutely recommend Archana as a friendly, welcoming intro to yoga for kids and parents.


Quang and Jeff

My partner and I had heard lots of good things about yoga.  We both lead fulfilling yet stressful lives and wondered if yoga would be a good outlet for our often stressful and hectic lives. 

Initially, our foray into yoga was one of frustration and confusion.  We often found that the beginner's classes weren't available at a time of day that suited our schedule.  For example, one yoga studio offered classes at 12:00 PM.  Somehow, schlepping across town for a mid-day beginner's course in typical mid-day DC traffic seemed more like an exercise to induce anxiety and stress rather than relieve it.  Eventually, we found a few "beginner's" classes that fit our schedule.  And this is where the confusion comes in.  Different beginners begin differently.  Well, at least the definition of beginners is somewhat relative to the person using the term.  You see, your beginner level may not be mine, and mine may not be another person's.  Add to that, everyone has a different flexibility scale.  For instance, I'm super flexible naturally, and my partner is not.  Just because I can "strike a pose" doesn't mean I actually understand what or why I'm doing that pose.  In our experience, it's been rather hodge-podge when entering a "beginner's" yoga class.  

After a few weeks of this not-so-great beginning experience, my partner and I finally decided that our piecemeal approach to yoga wasn't helping nor enriching lives.  Not ready to call it quits, we realized that what we needed was more individual attention -- someone who could help us learn about the poses, spend quality time with us, and ultimately, to educate us.

One of the best things we did was hired Archana as our private yoga instructor.  Scheduling was a breeze because we paid her to teach in our home.  Aside from being fun, humourous, and positively delightful -- Archana is a very thorough, patient, calm, and knowledgeable instructor.  Under her guidance and instruction, my partner and I went from clueless novice to beginner level with complete confidence. We now know what are doing, why, and how to correctly "strike the pose."  

We hired Archana for 6-month private yoga lessons, and it has changed our lives.  We not only practice yoga regularly but also have learned how to do deep breathing exercises in the process.  Archana is well-versed in both.


We plan on renewing next year again with Archana to bring our practice to the next level.  Archana is absolutely the best.  Thank you, Archana -- we are grateful to your guidance and patience.  Namaste.

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